CBR CM 040

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With the “small” adhesive set CM-040, damage patterns can be repaired in a controlled manner using existing CBR traction devices without damaging the paint.

Plastic tension bolts and special pads are used, which enable a sufficient connection to the surface using heated special plastic adhesive. After removing the damaged areas, the adhesive is removed from the painted surface without leaving any residue.

Scope of delivery:

Piece item number scope of delivery
1x CKS-304 Case with inlay
1x CKS-302-AOL Cleaner (250 ml)
1x CKS-307 Special glue, silver (250 g)
1x CGP-902 Special glue, beige (250 g)
1x CM-042 Adapter for EasyTool
1x CZ-112 Teflon impact tool set
1x CZ-200 Adhesive tab set, blue (11 sizes)
1x CKS-303 Gluematic glue gun
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