LED lamp set | 220-240V | 120° | EU version

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Lamps with light-emitting diodes are considered the light source of the future and have many advantages over conventional incandescent, halogen or energy-saving lamps.

Lifespan - LED lamps are very robust and have a lifespan of up to 60,000 hours. This is three times higher than a fluorescent tube.
High luminosity despite low energy consumption - They use over 50% less energy than conventional fluorescent tubes with the same luminosity. This makes them particularly efficient.
Low heat development - Despite their enormous luminosity, LED lamps have very low heat emissions.
Shadow-free lighting - The U-shaped arrangement of the LEDs ensures the workplace is optimally illuminated.

Beam angle: 120°
Luminous flux per LED unit: 8000 lm / 150 cm
Power: 50W
Color temperature: 6500K daylight white

Scope of delivery:
10 x LED unit including equipment tray and accessories

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